Advantages of a Whole-House Humidifier

Is your home air naturally dry?  Are you among those who run their heating system for three or more months yearly? If yes is your answer to any of the question asked above, a whole house humidifier would actually be a plus to you. The advantages of the whole house humidifier are enormous that most people may not be aware.  A whole house system can also be use along side with your home filtration system for best result and improvement of health benefits. When you go for both indoor machines, you will enjoy clean, clear and contaminant free air indoor.

Advantages of a Whole-House Humidifier

The whole house system work the same way just like that of single room humidifier, the difference is that a whole house unit provides an entire home air. When running, the system makes dry air easier to breath.  Harsh dry air is not only a threat to the respiratory organs but also have effects on your skin. The presence of dry atmosphere allows for the breeding of dust mites, bacteria and viruses in your indoor environment being it home or office places.  With these happenings, it quite easy to see the need of purchasing a whole house humidifier

Energy Efficiency: While you always run your thermostat, the furnace alone can’t make you feel comfortable during the cold winter months. It is only when you have the right humidity levels a home that’s when you’ll feel warmer at reduce temperature, that’s most people always find themselves felling comfortable when their thermostat is running at lower settings after installing a whole house humidifier correctly. When you feel relax at low temperature you’ll notice there is a decrease in your  energy bills monthly, which save you cost of paying bulk of dollars through the year.

Comfort: Apart from your skin drying out, dry air negatively affects your nasal passages, causes sore throats and may lead to allergic discomfort. So when you have a proper humidified home air, you’ll not only be beneficial to your overall health but also get relief from irritation these terms can cause.

Health: When humidity levels present in your home air is high can promotes growth of dreadful bacteria and others. And if you spend much time in places that are too dry, you add to the risk of getting the common flu, the cold and other respiratory issues.

Preservation: Proper humidified air helps to preserve the integrity of home properties which dry air can cause. Some people notice damages to their building tools such as paint, wood and plaster, including personal belongings.  A balance of moisture indoor favors these materials and this help you to avoid replacing them. Additionally, maintaining 40 to 60% humidified air can foster longevity of your home structures and possession.

Surprisingly, a whole house humidifiers system can be installed directly into your normal cooling and heating system even though you are using a home radiant heat.


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