The Easiest Rowing Machine Workouts to Try

So you are new to rowing machines, perhaps it is your first time using it. Maybe you are having a hard time at first but it will grow into you! And once you already know how to maneuver your rowing machine then it’s time for you to try the easiest yet effective rowing machine workouts to get yourself in shape. If you happen to wonder what kind of workouts you can try while using your rowing machine, this article will certainly help you with that. Check it out! Rowing machine reviews guide for the rowing desire.

rowing machine workouts

Before you do your exercises, it is important that you are able to do your warm ups first. Do at least five minutes of stretching and cardio before you engage in any exercise. This will help you loosen your muscles and keep your blood circulation going as you are exercising. Warming up before an exercise will also prevent you from straining or pinching muscles especially when it involves lifting fitness equipment. Now if you are done with your warm up, here are some of the easiest rowing machine workouts that you can try:

Do squats – before using your rowing machine, do at least twenty squats with your arms above your head and before you do your last squat, go back into your rowing machine and row as fast as you can for about one minute. This will strengthen your heart and muscles over time.

Planking – planking is done by placing your body on a straight line supporting your weight from your shoulders to ankles with the help of your elbows and toes. Make sure that your hips are not sagging. Do your planking for about a minute then after that get back on your rowing machine and row as fast as you can. Repeat as needed.

Pushups –pushups should be done at least fifteen times. Do this and go straight in your third interval and for about a minute, row as fast as you can.

Split squats – besides squats, you can also do split squats. Do split squats on each side for at least 20 times. Do your rowing again for about one minute.

Glutes bridges – do bridges for at least 15 times and once you are done, repeat rowing again for another minute.

Repeat these exercises in a circuit routine. You can choose which ones to do first and how long your workout should last.

You see, working out with rowing machines isn’t so bad at all. These routines are easy and can be done by anyone. Rowing machine workouts have many benefits and not just for building or toning muscles alone. For one, it’s a total body workout which means not a part of your body is not used. It’s also a very effective way to burn calories so you know that you will sweat like crazy. Another benefit is that it’s low-impact which means you won’t feel all beat up or sore compared to other types of exercises or fitness equipment. It will challenge you if you really put yourself into it. Since it is designed with different resistance levels, you will find yourself enjoying every moment that you are using this machine. Not to mention the rowing machine workouts that you can incorporate to this machine, you will certainly find that it’s very effective in losing weight and toning your body. So in case you haven’t tried exercising with the use of a rowing machine just yet, now is the time to do so!


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